Wednesday, March 14, 2012

handmade instruments, sound vehicles,music scores and street based collaborations

Sansa - Musique Povera instrument, Melbourne 2012


    Masuk Angin -robot band -Melbourne 2012

Street Musician collaboration- Yogyakarta 2011

Jakarta Biennale portable sound vehicle prototype - Melbourne 2011

Brush Guitar - Musique Povera Instruments -Melbourne 2012

Sound tracks gleaning sound vehicle -Yogyakarta -2011

   Sound Tracks perfomance -Yogyakarta 2011

Duppy Housing - Portable recording studio -Melbourne 2011

Detail of Masuk Angin roboticised band -Melbourne,2012

Duppy housing home made gamelan, Melbourne 2011

Collaborative performance details - Jakarta, 2011

Detail of Masuk Angin robot band -Melbourne, 2012

Frequency workshop -Jakarta, 2011

Aguas De Marco, solar powered sound system boat -Melbourne,2010

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